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Angebote: Shrimp for sale

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    JonRon (Gültig bis: 1. Mai 2018)

    I am trying to sell shrimp again. Last time I tried sellingPure Red Line Crystal Red Shrimp. As of today April11, 2018, I have six types of shrimp for sale.

    15 Caridina Serrata “AuraBlue” @ €7.00 each
    6 Caridina sp. “AuraTiMischling” Aura Blue x Blue & RedBolt @ €6.00 each
    8 Red Caridina sp. “Multi-stripePinto” @ €5.00 each
    6 Caridina sp. “RedBolt” @ €3.00 each
    4 Caridina sp. “BlueBolt” @ €3.00 each
    3 Caridina sp. “ShadowPanda” @ €3.00 each

    These are all the shrimp I have for sale. I will mix shrimptogether if you would like to buy more than one type. If any shrimp are dead onarrival I am not able to replace any except for the Aura Blue. Because Iam crossbreeding (Pinto’s,Panda’s, Blue and Red Bolts).Therefore; my supply of those shrimp is low.

    I will also give a free sample of my Homemade 100% OrganicShrimp food, and a plant sample of your choice.

    ·Vesiculari ferriei “Weeping moss”
    ·Taxiphyllum sp. “Flamemoss”
    ·Monosolenium tenerum “Pellia”
    ·Rotala Wallichii “Whorly Rotala”
    ·Ammania sp. “Bonsai”

    Shipping is not included in priceof shrimp. Shipping will be made using DHL.
    Standard shipping is €6.99
    For Express shipping please letme know of your interest. As well for shipping outside of Germany.
    Shippment of shrimp will be in a Styrofoamcontainer with an optional heat package.
    I except paypal, and banktransfer.

    Temp - 22*c
    TDS – 153 ppm
    pH 5.5-5.8
    GH 6-8
    KH 0-1

    Please send message for questionsand purchase. Pictures are in order to the list above.
    Kind regards,
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