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Question for putting a price on my shrimp

    • Question for putting a price on my shrimp


      Last month I tried to sell Caridina logemanni "PRL CRS" for €1.75. I had to drop the Price down to €0.50 for anyone to buy. I find it weird that on actual Garnelen Websites like Garnelenhaus, Garnelen-guemmer to Name a few their Prices range from €2.99 up to €60. Why could I not sell mine for the listed Price of €1.75? I may not have the Quality as a €60 PRL. However; the Quality I have is a better value then the less listed Price of €2.99.

      I do not have a Problem selling my Shrimp for €0.50. In fact I would like to ask all of you for help. Here in the next month or two I will have some more types of Garnelen for sale.
      Caridina serrata "Aura Blue"
      Caridina sp. "Blue bolt"
      Caridina sp. "red bolt"

      Based off all of your experience. What would be a good starting Price for listed Garnelen?
      I would like to recieve at least 5 replies for each Garnelen from individuals before I place a post into the market section of this Forum.

      Kind regards,
    • Hello,
      you are here in the support forum of the "Garnelenhaus".
      That may not be the right place to sell your shrimp.
      Likewise in other support forums, the shrimp trade.
      Try it in neutral forums or sales platforms, maybe it's easier there and you get more shrimp friends than here?
      Most who come here are already cared for and just want to talk about their pets.
      You are also cordially invited.Sure you can offer them here, but also because it is relatively rare anyone tries, you see, that the prospects here to get rid of something, are not very big.
      Greetings Monika

      Thanks Googel translator :D
      Leben ist in der kleinsten Pfütze!
    • hallo RonJon with wife :) :) ,

      oben auf der Seite im grünen Rand steht eine Reihe Wörter:
      Portal, Forum, Galerie, Börse, Mitglieder, Onlineshop.

      Da nehmt ihr "Börse".
      Das ist auf einer Plattform die Verkaufs- Ankaufsstelle.
      Hier lesen das aber die gleichen Leute wie diesen Tread.

      Bei anderen Homepages heißt es vielleicht auch "Flohmarkt".
      Viele Grüße
      mit U-wa-Welt

      Solange Menschen denken, daß Tiere nicht fühlen,
      solange müssen Tiere fühlen, daß Menschen nicht denken.