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Problems with Caridina Woltereckae

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    • Problems with Caridina Woltereckae

      Hello from Singapore,

      Sorry I don't speak German so I'm using Google Translate for everything. I apologise if this thread is created in the wrong section of the forum.

      I started keeping Caridina Dennerlis about 4months ago in a tank with lava rock substrate (inert) and remineralising RODI water to 140 TDS/218 microsiemens with Salty Shrimp's Sulawesi Mineral 8.5. I started out with 20 dennerlis and now have about 70-80. The tank is filtered with sponge filters and an Eheim 2211 canister filter full of purigen.

      A few days ago, I saw Harlequin shrimp on sale in my local fish store and bought 20 of them, the store said that the shrimp were locally bred and not wild caught, I tested the water of the tank the shrimp were in and it was 128 TDS. I drip acclimated them over 6 hours (1 drop of water/second) but they have been dying every day since. I currently have 7 of them left and would like to know if it's a problem with the TDS of my water? I asked in a Singaporean Facebook group and they told me to remineralise the water to a higher TDS, but I'm unsure if doing so would be harmful for my colony of dennerlis.

      My water parameters are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 0 nitrate, and I have been feeding sparingly with Glasgarten's Bacter AE once a week. There is plenty of greenish algae on all the rocks in my tank, as well as a red filmy algae that grows on the walls.

      Thank you.